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The denouement for plastic shoes?

The CROX trend looks cooked after earnings this week: My kids still love ’em, though.

Wicker wipeout — CPWM

Not a good market lately for frilly consumer goods, as consumer confidence plunges into hibernation. Old friend Cost Plus tells the grim story: Glad I dumped this one when I did!

Somebody’s got money to spend on fun — CCL

Recession? Double Dip? Don’t tell that to the folks who are spending discretionary dollars on cruises — if they keep it up, Carnival looks to break out of that seven month downtrend:

Supervalu up from the bottom again — SVU

This company — which we spotted languishing on the 52 day low list last winter, ain’t down for good and just keeps popping back up: Supervalu operates supermarket chains in many states. If it can break that downtrend marked by the purple line, look for it to eventually rally back up and test the $11 […]

Amid the market carnage, Wendy’s might be better off than most

Ambitious longs looking to play a bounce when and if one arrives might take a look at Wendy’s, a stock we check on periodically here: The fast food chain, which recently shed itself of its Arby’s stores, has certainly dived along with the rest of the equities markets, but closed Monday not to far under […]

Buying opportunity or crisis point for Cost Plus speculators — CPWM

Cost Plus World Markets has taken a week-long beat down along with the general market, and has arrived at a crucial support level: Now the tricky question is, do you think this represents a good buying opportunity (we have made some good coin on this blog trading CPWM), or is this an alarm that screams […]

Wendy’s sheds Arby’s

What’s one burger joint to another? Technically, beleaguered Arby’s is a roast beef place, but that apparently wasn’t enough to keep it off the block.

Just a few years ago investor nelson Peltz controlled Arby’s, and used that chain as a platform to acquire the larger Wendy’s. The deal was finalized in October, 2008 — […]

April VIX contracts peacefully put to sleep; but does a buying opportunity loom?

All must be peace and light in the financial world; despite oil trading over $109.00 per barrell, the SPX surged back to 1330 this morning and the April VIX contracts were settled at 14.86, which means the $650 put in my account for options I sold on April 8th will stay there.

But I’m already […]

A nice pop in a bread and butter business — SVU

Here’s a look at an old friend that I have followed for a long time on this site — grocery giant Supervalu, which was one of Thursday’s big market winners, off a 1Q earnings beat, in an otherwise forgettable session.

I sold this one back at New Year’s but am glad to see it bounce […]

For long term investors, now is a good time to consider Citigroup

Back around New Year’s, I put up the suggestion that if I was going to pick one stock for long – term capital appreciation it would be the much beleagured Citigroup: Now by long-term, I’m talking ten years or more: daytraders beware! But over a decade, C might be a true “ten-bagger,” going up 1000%.