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The sweet mellowness of summer trading

The term summer trading can mean almost anything to anybody — including the “sell in May and go away” notion that you shouldn’t be doing it. (Head to the Hamptons, instead!).

What I’m looking for is essentially a minimalist approach to summer trading — something that will let me and my kids do our things, […]

Escaping unscathed on VIX settlement day

With the markets opening mixed this morning, I escaped unscathed with my remaining May VIX options position, which was a now-naked sale of VIX 20 calls. The May settlement figure for VIX came in at 18.02, and though it is not material for my trade, VIX has since deteriorated further to the mid-16 range.

Maybe […]

The time of reckoning

Well I’ve been battling a sore foot for most of the past month, which has kept me from posting here, which might be just as well as I’ll be quick to admit to being baffled by the present market situation.

While I’ve been tending to my foot, my VIX option positions haven’t been doing nothing, […]

Irresistibly low VIX prices

The irresistibly low VIX has got me in buying mood again, this time picking up 5 May 16 calls with the VIX at $15.18. The idea here is to have some almost immediate upside, and not to cap it by making it a spread, in case the market really reverses in some now-unseen frenzy.

The […]

Doubling up on VIX — and looking forward

When the VIX is down to 15, I like to buy — in many cases, almost impossible to resist. So I put a little more than $2000 down on an increase in volatility sometime before June. It would take a lot for the present market torpor to last that long.

Specifically, I bought 7 VIX […]


I realized today that I had really gone crazy with my sale of 20 naked April VIX options and covered the trade for a small profit of $340. A spike up in the VIX got me appropriately nervous, and I realized it was better to cover it than not sleep tonight!


Trying to profit in calm waters

I’m trying to take advantage of the relatively lackluster market by selling naked 20 VIX April 22.50 call contracts for $0.42. A risky move if the market pops tomorrow.

By the way, the April 20 calls were still selling around $0.60 this morning.

Jumping in to calm waters

This may come back to bite me, but I sold 10 VIX April 20 calls at $0.65 this morning, intending to cover my April call spread, which is heading for a loss of $640 if the markets stay in their torpid state

My reasoning is that I already have a much larger May position on […]

The second most boring day in stock market history

If you thought trading yesterday was a snore, hope you really got jacked up by the market action today: Well, this has to be the ultimate definition of lack of volatility, so the VIX did fall to about 16.69 at noontime, so I took advantage and “tightened up” my May VIX call spread, selling the […]

Things are just too calm out there!

Everything is going so well in the stock market, that new highs for the year are even in sight: When the calm peaceful feeling sets in, I like to bet that it wont last forever. And so I did, stepping out with a larger VIX options trade this time. This morning, with the VIX at […]