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A land of people who can’t pay their debts, walking around in plastic shoes

With Washington in what seems like pepetual turmoil, and the in what seems like . . . perpetual turmoil (although VIX has descended to 22.85 as I write this), at least Americans can take comfort in their nice comfortable shoes.

Earning season is in full swing, not that anyone focused on DC has noticed, and […]

Total Wipeout – Evergreen Solar

They say it’s not easy to blow out a trading account if you stick to stocks and don’t use leverage. And they’re right. But it can be done! Going all-in on trendy Evergreen Solar in 2007 would have done the trick: Quite a wild ride down from $110 to $0, excuse me, $0.41, don’t you […]

Looking for change under the couch? — CSTR

Well this is certainly a spectacular way to fill a gap!: Coinstar’s big Halloween gap up turned into horrors when it filled this morning on news of problems with its Redbox unit not getting the best films on time. The big question now is does anyone have faith that today’s plunge itself will fill any […]

Hughes Communications on quite a roll – HUGH

Well, here’s an issue that’s been on quite a roll since Labor Day: Hughes Communications, a broadband purveyor, announces earnings again in February. Until then, this one looks too hot to touch at the moment. If it broke through the 50 day moving average, then stabilized around the $35 level like it did in Mid-November, […]

Massive gap to be filled on Google — GOOG

OK bears, and all those with the long knives out for search giant Google; here’s your chance:

You just know that massive 10% gap on 3rd quarter earnings is going to fill; its just a question of how long. Any guesses? There is some serious money to be made on this one!


Look out — Nothing below! — (DO)

Talk about getting kicked while down — Diamond Offshore gets elevated to CNBC’s stock of the day as Gulf spill failure fills the airwaves, and Goldman piles on with a negative analysis.

DO has an RSI(2) of 3.66 as we speak, but I would never buy something with no support whatsoever underneath it on the […]

Will Citigroup be the stock of the day everyday soon? (C)

By my count, today’s CNBC stock of the day Citigroup, was also stock of the day on April 19th; why not just make C the permanent holder of the crown, the stock of the day everyday?

It’s not as if Citi offers a compelling chart for long positioned traders: I plan on staying far, far […]

Not a great day for credit card companies (V)

Take a look at Visa dropping like a stone on general market weakness, and more particularly, news that the Senate has approved Richard Durbin’s proposal to cut debit card fees:

The measure would force credit card companies like Visa (V) to charge less for debit transactions.


Some heavy lifting for the CNBC Stock of the Day -- CAT

Everything’s looking up this morning for heavy equipment maker Caterpillar Corp., — topline, bottom line and outlook — so a big pop on the earnings announcement is to be expected.

This company seens to track the major averages almost exactly, so what you see in the market as a whole is what to expect at […]

Stock of the Day — (AAPL)

Well I missed hearing the CNBC stock of the day this morning as I was busy pouring anti-freeze in to my car radiator, so why not just go ahead and nominate Apple Corp. (which announces earnings tonight after the bell), as the stock of the day:

That’s a fairly simple pattern to analyze; a […]