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Another chance to short Brazil?

This trade is taking an eternity to pan out, but can’t help noticing the developing inverse head-and-shoulders in BZQ, the ultra-short Brazil fund: But again, it seems like an eternity, and you never know for sure if these patterns will in fact be confirmed.

A trend line a bull’s gotta love!

If you have bullish instincts, why not trade this support line (drawn on a chart of the S & P 500)?

Notice that both the March and April lows sliced right through the 50-day moving average with no problem, but that sweet recoveries ensued anyway. Re- tracing to the support line now would just about […]

After the first quarter, is a 2011 a guaranteed winner?

The Standard and Poor’s 500 index rose about 5.4% in the first quarter, a good sign for the whole year if you are a follower of recent trends.

As the Global Macro Monitor site astutely points out, only once in the past twenty years has the market declined for the year after the S&P rose […]

The stock market hates dirty air

Looking for a new trading system? An indicator seldom followed that outperforms the market consistently?

Try trading the air pollution index.

At least that’s the theory of two academics who looked at returns from a number of markets over a ten year span: The stock market hates dirty air.

The authors of the study from […]

A little cup with a little handle forming on an old favorite

If I’m successful in my quest to double my stake in a year, a lot of the credit will go to the Cost Plus Word Market trade that eventually panned out in November. Yes, I sold out too early, but remember, woulda, coulda, shoulda doesn’t get it done . . .

Take a look at […]

Cisco a good stock to short on earnings announcements

It sure looks like Cisco is getting a well deserved reputation as a stock to short right before earnings are announced: That’s three massive gaps down on the last three announcement days. It will be interesting to see how long CSCO keeps this pattern going.

A word about long term investing – C

While the focus of this site has been to try to earn a 100% yearly return through short (and as it turns out, medium) term trading, let us not neglect the long term investor.

If your time frame is anywhere from 5 to 10 years to longer, let me recommend the battered Citigroup, and suggest […]

The Moonscapes of Florida — JOE

I don’t know if we can call last week’s action in St. Joe a classic gap,

. . . more like a continuous meltdown. What happened was influential investor David Einhorn announced at a conference that he was shorting the company, describing their Florida developments as “moonscapes.” Joe’s largest shareholder, Barry Berkowitz retorted that […]

A challenge for the bulls — GMCR

Now that bullish times have returned (for most), lets take a look at a real challenge for bulls who like to see gaps filled — out old friend Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:

Of course, accusations of accounting gimmickry and an SEC investigation of same goes a long way to scaring off most investors, and […]

Even more equilibrium!

Notice how now even the 200 day moving average has gravitated to the 1115 level on the S & P 500!