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Two years of trading for “Cape Cod Doug,” and a profit of 133%

Well, it’s March 19th, and this marks the two year anniversary of my posting trades on this blog.

As I wrote here in one of my very first posts, the inspiriation for the site was my grandmother, Edith Carlson, who would have been 116 today, but who died in 2001 at the age of […]

One year of trading: an audacious goal achieved!

Just one year ago, I started trading publicly on this site with an audacious goal: to see if a small, independent thinking investor (err, speculator), could achieve a 100% profit in a single year.

I started on March 19, 2010 with $10,000 in a TD Ameritrade account. Over the course of the year, I completed […]

Its tough to keep Brazil down — BZQ

Among the emerging nations, Brazil’s performance in the recent market swoon has been impressive. It’s almost a textbook example of relative strength. Take a look at BZQ, which is a leveraged ETF that is double short Brazil: So when Brazilian market tank BZQ should go up. Its failure to do so in any meaningful way […]

Accounting for commissions

Two weeks in to the new year I have finally gotten around to having the trading log reflect the commissions paid out in the 2010 calendar year.

Not that it is a stunning amount: using TD Ameritrade’s $9.99 equity trade commission structure makes for simple math. My thirty five executed trades thus cost me about […]

Four month report: How do we stand?

With today being July 19th, it marks four full months of trading on this site. How do we stand?

As with most things involving trading, there is both good and bad to report.

As far as booked profits go, that is to the good. Starting with $10, 000 in March, I’ve made $4,282.60 on top […]

Two month checkup: A wild ride, but still on track

Today brings to a close two months of active trading on this site, where the goal is to double a $10,000 margin account in the space of a year.

The second month of trading was a wild ride, to say the least, principally due to my decision to go “all-in” on the long side the […]

The first month of trading: a profit of 21.3%!

Since starting this site on March 19th, I can’t complain about the three profitable trades I made, which together produced a first month profit of 21.3% for my modest account. Kinda leaves those “6% a month with ETFs” advertisements in the dust!

Of course I haven’t had a loser yet,and that surely will come in […]