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No urge to go away . . .

You may have the urge to “sell in May, and go away,” and so may I, but the market is doing surprisingly well regardless: Of course, I won’t be convinced until we see a close and hold above 1340, but that now looks like a project for next week. In the meantime, I hope you […]

A missed opportunity

With the big opening gap down today, VIX started the morning at almost –but not quite — 20, which I what I need to maximize my bullish-on-VIX option position. But from the open, VIX steadily eroded: while the market as a whole never recovered: I think we need to see a swift reclamation of that […]

Getting repetitive!

You know what I think about this market! Let’s put it this way, hope you have nice weather, its been a good week for outdoor activities.

But I may have some close to expiration trades to do soon. Stay tuned.

Third most boring day in stock market history?

. . . and the beat goes on. I know, I know, the market is being “coiled like a spring,” to jump higher and make us all rich . . .

The second most boring day in stock market history

If you thought trading yesterday was a snore, hope you really got jacked up by the market action today: Well, this has to be the ultimate definition of lack of volatility, so the VIX did fall to about 16.69 at noontime, so I took advantage and “tightened up” my May VIX call spread, selling the […]

The most boring day in the stock market, ever

Today was my candidate for the most boring day for the stock market I can remember.

Boring days are best put to use making plans for the future.

About the worst thing you could do is to start day-trading out of boredom.

The first quarter of 2011 is in the bag

The first quarter of 2011 is now history, and it was one of the best three month periods in recent history for the stock market, with the S & P 500 posting a 5.4% gain: It was an even better quarter for my trading account. Right after the start of the year, I started moving […]

Stock Market fails to defend the 50 day moving average

Week 11 of 2011 started off with a little March madness, as the stock market took an early morning dive, and despite a rally attempt in the afternoon: failed to clear the 50 day moving average at 1302: Today makes three trading days in a row that we’ve been below the 50, a line that […]

Ten weeks in the bag: five up five down for the stock market

A little perspective as the market had a bit of a rough week. Ten weeks in to 2011 and SPY has five green bars and five red ones on its weekly candlestick chart.

The S&P 500 now at 1304 remains up a little over 3 1/2 percent for the year. Not too bad overall, […]

The Stock market doesn’t seem to want to go up anymore

Looking at just today’s action, the S & P 500 definitely seems to have taken on a different personality from what we saw from December 1st into February: The increases aren’t coming as easily anymore, as the inability to get through the resistance at 1322 shows. Tomorrow, of course, could be a radically different story, […]