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These times aren’t normal, so why should traders be normal?

The trading life ain’t the normal life. At least that’s the thesis of the Rogue Traderette, an Australia-based market commentator who occaisionally dips her hands into swapping CFD’s (a type of option) and other intruments banned by the SEC in the good old United States.

“RT” rather astutely points out that what traders would consider […]

A slow down in stock market blogging?

Is stock market blogging slowing to a crawl? Or am I just imagining things (again)?

Seems like some of my favorite bloggers are awful tardy lately. The once high-flying Market Speculator hasn’t posted since March.

And the trader that I probably would most like to emulate (if we weren’t supposed to “find our own style” […]

Five links for triple witching day

* Surprise! TARP is ineffective! (MarketWatch)

* FedEx: profits up, jobs to be cut (WSJ)

* What’s a Halo, and why would I want to buy one? (Reuters)

* Massive fee in Madoff case (Bankruptcy Topics)

* Foreclosures up 25% on the year (Yahoo)


Five for the Weekend -- April 16-18

Five links for weekend reading:

* Near and dear to my heart: the CAPE index foretells tough times: (Money Honey).

* The “predator” was watching for a trend day this morning — guess he found one! (PredatorsDen).

* Avoid the three most common day trading mistakes: (TradeMark Academy).

* People are spending money on discretionary […]

Five for the Weekend — March 26, 2010

Five links for weekend reading: As for my plans, I plan to reward myself with a Sunday getaway to Waterville Valley for some late season skiing!

* Starting out as a day trader: (Trademark Academy)

* Buckets of blood in the streets . . .time to buy Thai stocks? (Research Reloaded)

* Dollar assets back […]

Five by Five — March 24, 2010

Five market links for today:

* Starbucks to pay a dividend! (Daily Option Report)

* Today’s trading is described as a bullish sell-off: (Charts and Coffee)

* Corporations have enough cash: (Bonddad)

* Is debt settlement better than bankruptcy? (Bankruptcy Topics)

* The US Dollar is surging on news out of Portugal: (In the Money)


Five by Five

Five links to read by 5:00 PM tonight, or they might get stale:

* Capping executive pay doesn’t send the muckety-mucks scurrying after all (Bonddad).

* Not so many new highs may point to the end of the rally (Trader’s Narrative)

* Looking for dividends? Look at Pepsi! (V-Investor)

* The eye in the sky: […]

Five by Five

Five market/economy links up by 5:00 PM for a good night’s reading:

* Ten reasons to love ETFs: (ETF Trends)

* Estate planning advice from the leader of the ’70s rock band KISS? (Crossing Wall Street)

* Choking on health care shorts (Drogan)

* Calm before the storm? VIX back under 17 (Market Rewind)


Five by Five

Got some links out for you early today, as I’m getting ready to start live trading tomorrow:

* Angular momentum heading up on the SPY (Afraid to Trade)

* Alan Farley thinks YUM! is ready for an upside breakout (HardRightEdge)

* Extended market due for a pullback? (Alchemy of Trading)

* No more of […]

Five by Five

Five links for your enjoyment, that I didn’t get up by 5PM. Sorry!

* The three most imminent disasters, and how to survive them. Hint: pick up some water on the way home! (Trading report)

* Fib lines from the 1929 crash! And guess what — they may signal a reversal now! (Slope of Hope)