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The line in the sand — where I would draw it

If you’ve been confused by the stock markets lately, don’t feel alone — there haven’t been a lot of good tells, but there are plenty of contrary opinions and a lot of lackluster trading days. But for what it’s worth, here is the line I will be watching above all else: If we see more […]

SVU — The best of the best?

The stat junkies at Bespoke Investment Group have reviewed the best and worst of earnings season so far, and look who is the “best of the best” — our old friend Supervalu!

Back when I was touting this one off the 52-week low list, who would have thunk it?

Would you rather make 10,000 trades per second, or three trades per week?

If you have 11 minutes to spare, Barry Ritholtz has a good post on his site that includes a video by trader Yan Ohayan on the impact of algorithmic trading.

Did you know that 73% of the current trades in the market were done by machine? Or that some of the trading programs out there […]

Is technical analysis similar to chicken sexing?

Stock blogger Ivan Hoff has an interesting idea — that the task of chart readers in the stock market is analogous to chicken sexers on a farm. For those not up to speed, the art (or science?) of chicken sexing is to identify female chicks at birth, improving egg yields by not wasting time and […]