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Touch ’em all — (MFN)

Minefinders (MFN) has now continued it’s pattern of crossing the 50 day moving average on each bounce, as I noted on May 26th.

It didn’t however, make a good short play at $9; gold related stuff proves very tricky to trade!

Patience is a virtue — (LOPE)

I should have waited until the end of the day to pick up my LOPE — looks like its hanging in there right above long term support at $24.

It was disappointing to see no late session bounce (in this issue or any other) but we can only work with what we have.

Have a […]

Has Supervalu come full-circle? — (SVU)

I like to take a look at this one every once in a while — supermarket chain and former takeover target Supervalu — and right now its looking interesting on the long side again.

We might see an inverted head and shoulders form to go with the double bottom — bullish stuff indeed, although the […]

Looking for opportunities — (LOPE)

I been kind of listless since moving to cash yesterday, and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend probably hasn’t helped. So I decided to re-visit the company that has produced my biggest trade since starting this site, Grand Canyon Education (LOPE).

Do you ever find yourself drawn back to past winners? Actually, sometimes you can make […]

All roads lead to $23.00 -- (GME)

The last time I looked at Game Stop, I was led to comment on the gappy, almost random type of trading it was providing. An updated look at the chart shows something not seen every day: all the important moving averages (20-50-200) have converged right at $23:

Also note that GME never quite filled […]

What might have been — (SCO)

Remember, I started the trading on this blog with a position in SCO, the double-short crude oil ETF. Took a nice little profit to get this project off on the right foot. But look at where oil has gone lately! What might have been (the eternal trader’s lament, I know)! Around now, with that long […]

Will Citigroup be the stock of the day everyday soon? (C)

By my count, today’s CNBC stock of the day Citigroup, was also stock of the day on April 19th; why not just make C the permanent holder of the crown, the stock of the day everyday?

It’s not as if Citi offers a compelling chart for long positioned traders: I plan on staying far, far […]

No bounce yet for the Minefinders (MFN)

If ever there was a day that Doug hoped for Minefinders to find a mine, today would be it. With everything on the line, I’m not really even getting good dead-cat action on MFN. On the other hand, after the morning recovery, I’m not getting stopped out either (yet).

Holding over the weekend is looking […]

Visa — an island of green in a sea of red (V)

Plenty of traders have been catching knives lately with credit card processor Visa (V), but who would have thought it would be one of the very few stocks to rise on a day when the S & P 500 is down over 36 points before 1 PM?

I wouldn’t bet on that gap down from […]

Super Value sizzles out

The last time I took a look at Super Value back on April 8th, it was a potential buy with a nice cup and handle formation forming. That obviously didn’t play out! A good reminder to wait for upside confirmation if and when playing cup and handle formations — being early on the trigger can […]