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Market Speculator back in action

It looks like the Market Speculator, a favorite blogger whose, er, speculations are always interesting to follow is back in action this month after a season on the sidelines.

On August 5th Market Speculator posted four new long positions (which he apparently still holds). One of his new longs was the American market in general, […]

Touching the 200: Story of the summer?

I take my lumps in public here, so its not red-boarding to point out the sucessful predictions (guesses?) when they actually do occur!

Thursday we briefly touched to 200 day moving average on the S & P 500, fulfilling my prophecy of May 25th that it would in fact be hit this summer. In May […]

Did the smart money time the stock market top?

I mentioned back in February that Thompson’s insider buy ratio chart is worth looking at if you are in the game of calling market tops and bottoms. And with 20-20 hindsight it does indeed seem that this chart peaked with the February market top:

Now I don’t think corporate execs really had that much to […]

Bottom pickers beware; Borders nearing bankruptcy?

Picking stocks off the bottom of the 52-week low list can be fraught with dangers. Like your hidden jewel declaring bankruptcy and its common stock becoming worthless.

Book and record store Borders (check that, e-book and music store), mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, is one of those where the B-word has been swirling […]

A cup of JOE with no handle

I guess it doesn’t take too many blizzards to get folks interested in Florida real estate again.

When we last looked at St. Joe, it had just filled a giant gap before Christmas, said gap being brought on in October by David Einhorn’s strategic blasting of the firm’s prospects.

But JOE hasn’t stopped with just […]

An example of how gap trading takes patience — JOE

On October 21st, I reported on how David Einhorn pulled the plunger on Florida real estate developer St. Joe, and how contrarians could get a 7% return if the bet on a gap fill.

Well, it took a couple of months, plus a trip through the wilderness of new 52 week lows, but that gap […]

Green Mountain Coffee fights back! — GMCR

Update: The higher gap (around $31) we were looking at last week has indeed filled:

A nice trade that we provided here, that increased so far 15.6% in nine trading days.

If I was in GMCR, I would take profits here, I wouldn’t be greedy and try to get the $38 gap to fill, […]

Supervalue gaps lower, possible bullish opportunity — SVU

Here’s one I was following pretty closely here in the spring:

Supervalue gapped lower yesterday on an earning report indicating a quarterly loss and stalled turn-around plan. More than ten percent is available here if we can get SVU to fill that gap relatively quickly.

First gap filled on GMCR

The adventurous have profited from Sunday’s post: we got a nice gap fill at the $28 level and beyond: Not bad for a quickie trade, anyone gonna stick around and see if $31 fills?

Gamestop not throwing out as many gaps

As the above chart shows, Gamestop has turned from a dangerously gappy issue to one that rarely shows opening gaps.

As a matter of fact, the only unfilled gap on the chart is the very first one from back in mid-October, when it plunged from $28.

You would have to be a very strong bull […]