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Two-month report on the “lazy man’s” options strategy

After two months of trading my market neutral “lazy-man’s” option strategy, my account has shown a profit of $1, 050.00, with starting capital of about $22,000 (not including margin), for a two month return of about 4.7%.

Nothing spectacular, but that’s in an enviornment of a constant upward grind, reducing fear and volitility, meaning I can’t sell my options spreads for very much. The ones I sold last Friday only fetched $2.05 each. With premiums low, I have to really thread the needle each week and get a flat market to make any short-term profit.

After hectic times at my job, I have finally updated the Trading Log. When you are busy at work, you really appreciate a strategy that calls for only one or two trades a week!

Of particular note, on February 17th (the February expiration date), I sold my April SPY hedges for net loss of $246.00 and replaced them June SPY 137 contracts. This is to try to take advantage of the low volatility by being able to buy longer term hedges. it should pay off when the market turns!

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