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Two years of trading for “Cape Cod Doug,” and a profit of 133%

Well, it’s March 19th, and this marks the two year anniversary of my posting trades on this blog.

As I wrote here in one of my very first posts, the inspiriation for the site was my grandmother, Edith Carlson, who would have been 116 today, but who died in 2001 at the age of […]

Two-month report on the “lazy man’s” options strategy

After two months of trading my market neutral “lazy-man’s” option strategy, my account has shown a profit of $1, 050.00, with starting capital of about $22,000 (not including margin), for a two month return of about 4.7%.

Nothing spectacular, but that’s in an enviornment of a constant upward grind, reducing fear and volitility, meaning I […]

Laid low by the (good) jobs report

A whopping number of new jobs resulted in an instant loss for my options strategy last week, as the S&P rose to the 1345 range on the jobs number Friday.

That erased the money I had booked by selling weekly options spreads in the 131 SPYs. All told I had a $330 loss on the […]