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Wicker wipeout — CPWM

Not a good market lately for frilly consumer goods, as consumer confidence plunges into hibernation. Old friend Cost Plus tells the grim story: Glad I dumped this one when I did!

Somebody’s got money to spend on fun — CCL

Recession? Double Dip? Don’t tell that to the folks who are spending discretionary dollars on cruises — if they keep it up, Carnival looks to break out of that seven month downtrend:

Supervalu up from the bottom again — SVU

This company — which we spotted languishing on the 52 day low list last winter, ain’t down for good and just keeps popping back up: Supervalu operates supermarket chains in many states. If it can break that downtrend marked by the purple line, look for it to eventually rally back up and test the $11 […]