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Buying opportunity or crisis point for Cost Plus speculators — CPWM

Cost Plus World Markets has taken a week-long beat down along with the general market, and has arrived at a crucial support level: Now the tricky question is, do you think this represents a good buying opportunity (we have made some good coin on this blog trading CPWM), or is this an alarm that screams […]

A land of people who can’t pay their debts, walking around in plastic shoes

With Washington in what seems like pepetual turmoil, and the in what seems like . . . perpetual turmoil (although VIX has descended to 22.85 as I write this), at least Americans can take comfort in their nice comfortable shoes.

Earning season is in full swing, not that anyone focused on DC has noticed, and […]

Trading the news — mining for words

With the markets hinging on every development in Washington lately, as the debt ceiling debate lingers on, “trading the news” is itself more frequently in the news.

But with markets as big as they are, as fast as they are, and dominated by peripatetic machine algorithms, there may be little time any more for actually […]