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Volatility starts costing as debt ceiling fears linger

With the debt ceiling deadline looking like it will linger in the news right up to August 2nd, VIX has popped up to 19.25 and trading in the volatility index is drawing increased interest.

The highest open interest in August VIX calls is in the 25 strike (186K contracts), closely followed by the 30 strike […]

Summer trading: wash, rinse, and repeat, with trepedation

I dodged a bullet again at VIX expiration, and was able to book a nice profit on the July calls I sold last month. Then I turned around and repeated the trade, selling 12 more 25 calls, this time for August 17th, for $0.80 each. July VIX settlement was 19.10.

I’m a lot more nervous […]

Check out this pattern!

Fans of technical analysis — and especially those who appreciate giant head-and-shoulders patterns — should be salivating over the current one-year S&P 500 chart: It’s intersting to not that both shoulders and the head have formed within this calendar year, making the remainder 2011 sort of a referendum on whether the pattern will play out. […]

Total Wipeout – Evergreen Solar

They say it’s not easy to blow out a trading account if you stick to stocks and don’t use leverage. And they’re right. But it can be done! Going all-in on trendy Evergreen Solar in 2007 would have done the trick: Quite a wild ride down from $110 to $0, excuse me, $0.41, don’t you […]