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The sweet mellowness of summer trading

The term summer trading can mean almost anything to anybody — including the “sell in May and go away” notion that you shouldn’t be doing it. (Head to the Hamptons, instead!).

What I’m looking for is essentially a minimalist approach to summer trading — something that will let me and my kids do our things, […]

It did not go unnoticed . . .

It certainly did not go unnoticed here that just a few hours after the June VIX expiration, VIX finally popped above 20: Now, the call spread I put on back in April just needed VIX to hit 20 once before June 15th to really pay off. Of course, the index only hit that level right […]

Poorly executed VIX trade stills pays off

I put some more money in the bank this morning at June VIX expiration, but I can’t say it was a very good trade.

To recap, waaaaay back in mid-April I put on a call spread on VIX options that cost me about $2,300. This was a 15-20 spread, meaning the best payoff was if […]

Selling VIX position

I sold off half — the long half — of my VIX options position a little after noon today (and then watched VIX run briefly to 20, of course). While this will go down a loss for now in the trading log, I’m expecting VIX to moderate, and the expiration of the short side of […]

Wendy’s sheds Arby’s

What’s one burger joint to another? Technically, beleaguered Arby’s is a roast beef place, but that apparently wasn’t enough to keep it off the block.

Just a few years ago investor nelson Peltz controlled Arby’s, and used that chain as a platform to acquire the larger Wendy’s. The deal was finalized in October, 2008 — […]

Big Ben disappoints in speaking role . . .

The markets held on to moderate gains for most of the day today, until it was clear that Big Ben had no fairy dust to distribute this time, and that the American economy really is in the crapper. Then it was right back to yesterday’s lows: VIX fell to 18.07, though, and was trading in […]

Most of the year’s gains gone . . .

Don’t look now, but after today’s session, most of the 2011 gains have been wiped out: The S & P 500 is now up only about 2.2%.

The VIX closed today at 18.46. I still would dearly love to see it pop above 20, if only for a few minutes!


Summer trading starts with a wipeout

If you were looking for the typical first day of the new month bump up in the markets, you sure didn’t find it today! Summer trading started off with a winter-like wipe-out that extended straight from bell to bell.

Today is a good example of why confirmation is important, as yesterday’s close above the important […]