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It did not go unnoticed . . .

It certainly did not go unnoticed here that just a few hours after the June VIX expiration, VIX finally popped above 20:

Now, the call spread I put on back in April just needed VIX to hit 20 once before June 15th to really pay off. Of course, the index only hit that level right after it was any use to me. On all other days for the past two months, VIX camped out below 20 — sometimes well below it.

Trading is like that — it often seems that markets are on a devilish mission to squish you in the most outlandish way conceivable. Luckily, I’ve been at it long enough to be relatively immune to the psychological torture aspect. Maybe not completely immune, but immune enough to get by in head-shaking mode rather than wall-punching mode!

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