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Looking for change under the couch? — CSTR

Well this is certainly a spectacular way to fill a gap!: Coinstar’s big Halloween gap up turned into horrors when it filled this morning on news of problems with its Redbox unit not getting the best films on time. The big question now is does anyone have faith that today’s plunge itself will fill any […]

Picking over the trash heap — Talbots, Martha Stewart, Borders

One of my most favorite places to go to pick up long term trading ideas is the 52 week low list. Its a short list lately, which means that those stocks on it are not only just popping new lows, but displaying extraordinary relative weakness as well.

This type of screening needs to produce a […]

Target: a big cap with a big gap — TGT

Some investors are beginning to think that 2011 will be the year of the big cap stocks, when they finally start to outperform the tech laden averages.

If you are in that camp, are bullish, and like to bet on gaps filling, take a look at Target:

The massive retailer was hit last week […]

Hughes Communications on quite a roll – HUGH

Well, here’s an issue that’s been on quite a roll since Labor Day: Hughes Communications, a broadband purveyor, announces earnings again in February. Until then, this one looks too hot to touch at the moment. If it broke through the 50 day moving average, then stabilized around the $35 level like it did in Mid-November, […]