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BIDU trade is on the board

Following up on yesterday’s post, I just put on a modest $725 put spread on Baidu, which announces Q4 earnings after the bell today.

I am envisioning this as a quicky up or down trade on the Chinese internet search company.

I elected to go with the $105-$100 spread, which was executed as follows:

Purchased […]

Missed my opportunity — VIX, BIDU

I have been on a bit of a roll here trading options in January (go ahead and say it– I’ve been lucky), and late last week I had a horrible, wonderful, awful idea — I was going to short the VIX by buying puts on it.

I certainly didn’t go to bed Thursday thinking about […]

Telephone pasted; sold put spread at a quick profit — T

The news that A T & T issued disappointing guidance sent it gapping lower at the open this morning. I didn’t waste any time closing out my put spread for a quick $900 profit. Woulda, coulda, shoulda: I might have done better with a Febraury $29-$28 put spread on Telephone. But I’m not complaining.


Bottom pickers beware; Borders nearing bankruptcy?

Picking stocks off the bottom of the 52-week low list can be fraught with dangers. Like your hidden jewel declaring bankruptcy and its common stock becoming worthless.

Book and record store Borders (check that, e-book and music store), mentioned here a couple of weeks ago, is one of those where the B-word has been swirling […]

Betting on a telephone decline — T

Fresh from last week’s options score with AAPL, I decided to put a little bet in the AT&T earnings announcement, before the bell tomorrow morning.

With the endless drift-up of the market as a whole, it might be a little crazy, but this is a bearish bet, the T February 28-27 put spread. T closed […]

A streak is broken

Believe it or not, today was the first day

since November 30th

where the market has dropped 1.0% or more. Quite an impressive run.

A cup of JOE with no handle

I guess it doesn’t take too many blizzards to get folks interested in Florida real estate again.

When we last looked at St. Joe, it had just filled a giant gap before Christmas, said gap being brought on in October by David Einhorn’s strategic blasting of the firm’s prospects.

But JOE hasn’t stopped with just […]

Kind of a lousy way to make money

Well, my foray into options trading took an unexpected turn when Steve Jobs announced he was taking another medical leave and AAPL shares plunged at the open this morning: I took my Feb 350-330 put spread off the table a little after 10 Eastern, when Apple was trading around $333.30. The end result was an […]

First big trade of the new year — shorting AAPL earnings!

I decided to come out of my winter hibernation Friday, and put on my first trade of 2011.

To say we are going against the flow on this one is an understatement; I decided to short AAPL right before their Tuesday evening earnings announcement. Anyone with anything negative to say about America’s most beloved consumer […]

Accounting for commissions

Two weeks in to the new year I have finally gotten around to having the trading log reflect the commissions paid out in the 2010 calendar year.

Not that it is a stunning amount: using TD Ameritrade’s $9.99 equity trade commission structure makes for simple math. My thirty five executed trades thus cost me about […]