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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Barring a market meltdown (fat chance of that lately!), I will be officially on vacation (in New Hampshire, not Cape Cod) until January 3rd,at which time we shall resume the hunt for good gap trades and see if I can push this account up over 100% by March 19th, which would be a full year […]

A word about long term investing – C

While the focus of this site has been to try to earn a 100% yearly return through short (and as it turns out, medium) term trading, let us not neglect the long term investor.

If your time frame is anywhere from 5 to 10 years to longer, let me recommend the battered Citigroup, and suggest […]

An example of how gap trading takes patience — JOE

On October 21st, I reported on how David Einhorn pulled the plunger on Florida real estate developer St. Joe, and how contrarians could get a 7% return if the bet on a gap fill.

Well, it took a couple of months, plus a trip through the wilderness of new 52 week lows, but that gap […]

Catching a knife at the supermarket — SVU

I have been following Supervalu for almost the nine month life of this site and finally took a bite this afternoon, and bought 1000 shares at $8.64:

This supermarket chain was once considered a buy here at 13 last June, but has recently dropped onto the 52-week low list:

So I am now a […]