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Bearish on our elders — BKD

Is it politically correct to be bearish on our respected elders, and those who would take good care of them? Consider Brookdale Senior Living: BKD soared Friday on news that a competitor, Atria, had their real estate assets purchased, and the Street just figures, you know, that lightning just must strike in the same place […]

Green Mountain Coffee fights back! — GMCR

Update: The higher gap (around $31) we were looking at last week has indeed filled:

A nice trade that we provided here, that increased so far 15.6% in nine trading days.

If I was in GMCR, I would take profits here, I wouldn’t be greedy and try to get the $38 gap to fill, […]

The Moonscapes of Florida — JOE

I don’t know if we can call last week’s action in St. Joe a classic gap,

. . . more like a continuous meltdown. What happened was influential investor David Einhorn announced at a conference that he was shorting the company, describing their Florida developments as “moonscapes.” Joe’s largest shareholder, Barry Berkowitz retorted that […]

Supervalue gaps lower, possible bullish opportunity — SVU

Here’s one I was following pretty closely here in the spring:

Supervalue gapped lower yesterday on an earning report indicating a quarterly loss and stalled turn-around plan. More than ten percent is available here if we can get SVU to fill that gap relatively quickly.

Massive gap to be filled on Google — GOOG

OK bears, and all those with the long knives out for search giant Google; here’s your chance:

You just know that massive 10% gap on 3rd quarter earnings is going to fill; its just a question of how long. Any guesses? There is some serious money to be made on this one!


First gap filled on GMCR

The adventurous have profited from Sunday’s post: we got a nice gap fill at the $28 level and beyond: Not bad for a quickie trade, anyone gonna stick around and see if $31 fills?

A challenge for the bulls — GMCR

Now that bullish times have returned (for most), lets take a look at a real challenge for bulls who like to see gaps filled — out old friend Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:

Of course, accusations of accounting gimmickry and an SEC investigation of same goes a long way to scaring off most investors, and […]