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Gaps for Gamblers — LVS

Recently casino operator Las Vegas Sands has been throwing out some nice tradable down gaps, even as it’s overall performance looks comparably strong:

All the gaps on that chart have filled, and most quickly, except for the mega-drop on June 29th, which took most of July to heal. But heal it did, so will […]

Putting my money where my mouth is — SPY

I decided to liven up this blog a little and dumped my BZQ shares this morning, pretty much at a break even price.

I then turned around and bought the market, playing for the S&P 1067 gap fill mentioned yesterday; 150 shares of SPY were scooped up at just under $150. Head and shoulders? Bah!


Market gaps lower, reverse imminent? (SPX)

Everybody and their cousin has been watching the summer-long head and shoulders forming on the S&P and other major indexes, but remember the market often frustrates those who try to use conventional technical indicators on broad indexes:

I prefer to bet on the contrarian view, and look to see that juicy gap at 1067 […]

A nice gap to shoot for — GME

Hi– back again after sort of a summer hiatus, with time at Cape Cod and bringing my daughter to college in Florida. Hopefully I wil be fresh for the challenge, and can reverse some of damage from losing positions in BZQ and CPWM.

One thing I noticed right away is that Gamestop now has a […]