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Gamestop not throwing out as many gaps

As the above chart shows, Gamestop has turned from a dangerously gappy issue to one that rarely shows opening gaps.

As a matter of fact, the only unfilled gap on the chart is the very first one from back in mid-October, when it plunged from $28.

You would have to be a very strong bull […]

Four month report: How do we stand?

With today being July 19th, it marks four full months of trading on this site. How do we stand?

As with most things involving trading, there is both good and bad to report.

As far as booked profits go, that is to the good. Starting with $10, 000 in March, I’ve made $4,282.60 on top […]

A gap to shoot for? (SPY)

Today’s earnings season-fueled optimism has created a nice gap in the SPY to shoot for — down to 1078 or so. With RSI (2) currently at 99.07 as I write this, looks like a good bet for a bear to take . . .

Update on the downtrend

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my all-clear signal for the April downtrend; as of today we would need to clear 1100, and perhaps make a run for the 200 day moving average at 1111 to throw the bearishness aside. After that, we would need to see “higher highs” go in — in other […]

Why short Brazil?

Why short Brazil now?

Well, there’s that Golden Cross out there, an RSI (2) of about 2, and three gaps to the upside in just the last week begging to be filled. There’s a clearly marked downside call-off point right under $23, too.

And, all those unemployed soccer coaches, too.

I picked up 600 shares […]

Trading through trouble

Trading is never an easy vocation, and when family crises intervene, things can get bad fast. Looks like that’s whats happened here, as I let one trade get away from me, and the “go-to” QLD trade has once again been found wanting (it’s negative for the year at this writing).

At any rate, I sold […]