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Enjoy Memorial Day Weekend!

Wherever Memorial Day weekend finds you or takes you (it is the traditional time for opening up Cape Cod summer cottages), I hope you will be happy and healthy.

It is, of course, a time to reminisce on the lives of the persons who have died in service to the United States, and I hope […]

Looking for opportunities — (LOPE)

I been kind of listless since moving to cash yesterday, and the upcoming Memorial Day weekend probably hasn’t helped. So I decided to re-visit the company that has produced my biggest trade since starting this site, Grand Canyon Education (LOPE).

Do you ever find yourself drawn back to past winners? Actually, sometimes you can make […]

Go-to trade does not produce, part II -- (QLD)

The exit signal (an RSI (5) over 50), on my “go-to” trade of QLD triggered this afternoon, so I sold out 300 shares at the close for $58.23.

The QLD trade has been a big disappointment so far. It is now 1-for-2 on this blog and a minor money loser, and 1-for-3 for the calendar […]

Insider trading at Disney? -- (DIS)

Lets take a look at Disney stock, on the heels of the news that two persons have been arrested for allegedly trying to sell confidential information on the company to hedge funds. DIS looks like it followed the long Feb.- Apr. grind up in a typical fashion, fell victim to a rogue trade or two […]

Sold the claim to my mine -- (MFN)

I sold my 1000 share position in Minefinders (MFN) this afternoon for $9.21 per share.

At the time of the sale RSI (2) was over 87; on quick-pop trades like this I take an RSI (2) of over 70 as a sell signal.

Speculators with a little bit longer focus might try to see if […]

All roads lead to $23.00 -- (GME)

The last time I looked at Game Stop, I was led to comment on the gappy, almost random type of trading it was providing. An updated look at the chart shows something not seen every day: all the important moving averages (20-50-200) have converged right at $23:

Also note that GME never quite filled […]

Now there are two gaps to fill on an upswing -- (SPY)

Tuesday’s slump and re-test of the February lows has left us with two big gaps — at 1073 and 1115 — to try to fill on any short-covering upswing: A tempting trade is to bet on one or both gaps filling soon, then quickly reverse to the short side unless and until the downtrend line […]

Update on the downtrend

Here is how I am presently drawing the down trend channel: Although we are right at the bottom of it, it looks like a down-side gapper to start Tuesday morning will stretch the lower line.

There’s a good chance that we will see a ripper sooon going all the way up to fill the gap […]

What might have been — (SCO)

Remember, I started the trading on this blog with a position in SCO, the double-short crude oil ETF. Took a nice little profit to get this project off on the right foot. But look at where oil has gone lately! What might have been (the eternal trader’s lament, I know)! Around now, with that long […]

Will Citigroup be the stock of the day everyday soon? (C)

By my count, today’s CNBC stock of the day Citigroup, was also stock of the day on April 19th; why not just make C the permanent holder of the crown, the stock of the day everyday?

It’s not as if Citi offers a compelling chart for long positioned traders: I plan on staying far, far […]