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Downgrade, Upgrade --- (POT)

Trade alert — I’m putting my money where my mouth is, and trying the Potash trade. Bought at the open this morning 100 shares POT at $108.71. I’m paying more than I would like, due to an analyst upgrade issued before the open, which itself is coming on the heels of a downgrade last week. […]

Fertilizer fans -- here's your chance! (POT)

OK, manure trading junkies, take a look at the chart of Potash Corp. of Way Up North at the end of trading today:

Its setting up for a nice inverse head-and-shoulders pattern (bullish), as well as emerging from a test of the all important 200 day moving average at the same time. The bold […]

Looking at 10 and 20 day moving average crossovers -- ($SPX)

Anyone thinking we might be primed for a substantial leg down on the S&P 500 will find this chart interesting:

We’ve broken through the 10 day moving average, but holding the 20-day as this is written. In 2010, the two crossover points for these moving averages — a sell signal on January 25th and […]

CNBC Stock of the Day — Citigroup — (C)

Taking a look at CNBC’s stock of the day, which today is Citigroup, up a little on its first quarter earnings, which were largely derived from increased trading profits.

I’m not really interested in Citi as a trading vehicle, but take a look at its twenty-year chart:

Citi could make a good choice for […]

Buy-the-dippers: ready to step up?

Markets are under pressure again this morning as Goldman Sachs litigation proves a more powerful pull than good numbers from Citi group.

This would be a classic place for buy-the-dippers to step and and enter. For my part, I will be waiting a bit longer for my favorite signal to emerge before going long […]

The first month of trading: a profit of 21.3%!

Since starting this site on March 19th, I can’t complain about the three profitable trades I made, which together produced a first month profit of 21.3% for my modest account. Kinda leaves those “6% a month with ETFs” advertisements in the dust!

Of course I haven’t had a loser yet,and that surely will come in […]

Relative Strength streak is over – (RSI (2) )

Today’s close brings to an end an amazing streak of 36 trading days that the two-period RSI has closed above 30. The last day for a close under 30 was February 23rd:

Cash for the weekend — (SPY)

I covered my 180 share short position in SPY just before the close for $119.32, making a quick one day profit of $291.60. At the time of execution RSI (2) was 19.72, so it was clearly going to close below my target sell signal of 30. This trade provided just what I hoped; a quick […]

Amazing what a down day can do -- VIX

One down day has spiked the VIX, and apparently shaken some of the complacency out of the markets. It’s the largest increase in the volitility guage since the end of February.

Five for the Weekend -- April 16-18

Five links for weekend reading:

* Near and dear to my heart: the CAPE index foretells tough times: (Money Honey).

* The “predator” was watching for a trend day this morning — guess he found one! (PredatorsDen).

* Avoid the three most common day trading mistakes: (TradeMark Academy).

* People are spending money on discretionary […]