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Sold out! — off to San Diego

I sold my 100 share Potash (POT) position for a $104 loss this morning, fetching a price of $107.67.

This had nothing to do with chart formations, Euro finances, or the looming Fed day announcement. I’m leaving for a short trip to San Diego, and didn’t want an open position while I travel.

While I […]

Ten and twenty doesn't hold -- ($SPX)

Needless to say, today’s slamdown was loooooong overdue; the question now is whether the failure to hold either the ten or twenty day moving average portends the end of the Feb.-March-April part of the rally, or just gives the buy-the-dippers a better dip to buy into.

Looks like February 13th was the last day we […]

Some heavy lifting for the CNBC Stock of the Day -- CAT

Everything’s looking up this morning for heavy equipment maker Caterpillar Corp., — topline, bottom line and outlook — so a big pop on the earnings announcement is to be expected.

This company seens to track the major averages almost exactly, so what you see in the market as a whole is what to expect at […]

We can’t wait for Monday morning to buy stocks!

How long ago was it that everyone was terrified of holding stocks over the weekend?

Now the prevailing attitude seems to be “This is so much fun, do I really have to take two whole days off?”

Yes, you do. Enjoy!

Neckline at Nine — (MFN)

While waiting for my listless Potash trade to play out, I’ve been rather half-heartedly prowling around for some different set ups, and stumbled on Ryan Mallory’s list of sixteen short setups ripe for agonizing us dispirited bears . . . . Just kidding!

Here’s one from Ryan’s list, called Minefinders, which has apparently found a […]

Ranges to watch -- ($SPX)

Yesterday, the bulls staged an impressive comeback as the moving averages not only held, but a small gain at the close was sustained. And so the rally that cannot be killed off rolls on!

For the next little while, lets watch for breakouts from the current range — S & P 1213 as the recent […]

Second test of the 20-day SMA ina week -- ($SPX)

Will this be the second successful test of the 20-day moving average in a week? Watch it at the close . . .

Roasted! -- (GMCR)

There’s nothing worse than some news to screw up good a bit of technical analysis! Green Mountain Coffee Roasters got spooked and entered plunge mode when a potential acquisition’s “K-Pod” product sales slowed. Personally I would rather boil my coffee in an old pot over a fire like the Marlboro Man, but obviously the disappointing […]

Levels to watch on the way down

If the bears are going to warrant any respect, they need to take out, in order, these S & P 500 moving averages on a closing basis:

10-day: 1200 20-day: 1189 50-day: 1151

Watch how the S & P does at the close, and you’ll get a clue as to whether the bears have any […]

Stock of the Day — (AAPL)

Well I missed hearing the CNBC stock of the day this morning as I was busy pouring anti-freeze in to my car radiator, so why not just go ahead and nominate Apple Corp. (which announces earnings tonight after the bell), as the stock of the day:

That’s a fairly simple pattern to analyze; a […]