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Cruisin’ without a care in the world (RCL, CCL)

Like tulips and crocuses being harbingers of the coming spring, might it be possible that cruise ship stocks signal the sign that all is finally well in the equities markets?

Royal Carribean got a nice pop yesterday on competitor Carnaval’s news that bookings — especially for the expensive cruises — are turning up.

There […]

Five by Five

Five links to read by 5:00 PM tonight, or they might get stale:

* Capping executive pay doesn’t send the muckety-mucks scurrying after all (Bonddad).

* Not so many new highs may point to the end of the rally (Trader’s Narrative)

* Looking for dividends? Look at Pepsi! (V-Investor)

* The eye in the sky: […]

CROX breaks through

A dreary March Tuesday in New England hasn’t exactly got me fired up for plastic shoes, but it is worth noting that the cup-with-handle followers were rewarded by CROX today, which is up over 8% on no news, except that the weather is crappy throughout most of the nation. My psychological bias against this […]

Trading the housing market — a ball of confusion

Traders who want to place bets on the future of housing in America sure have their work cut out for them. In the wake of the news that housing starts have reached fifty year lows, some contrarians might be poised to jump in to this battered sector, but they may find themselves buffeted by a […]

Five by Five

Five market/economy links up by 5:00 PM for a good night’s reading:

* Ten reasons to love ETFs: (ETF Trends)

* Estate planning advice from the leader of the ’70s rock band KISS? (Crossing Wall Street)

* Choking on health care shorts (Drogan)

* Calm before the storm? VIX back under 17 (Market Rewind)


The Twelfth Week of Trading in 2010

The twelfth week of trading in 2010 started off with a first-hour whipsaw, with the S&P’s testing resistance-now-support around 1152, before snapping back into positive territory by 10:30AM EDT.

My open position (short oil) did just the opposite, naturally, flirting with a nice profit before giving up most of the gains.

This week […]

First trade: All-in on cheap oil!

I never expected to open trading on this swing trading blog with a position on a commodity like crude oil, but after holding off for a month with my self-imposed start date, I couldn’t resist.

So I purchased 1000 shares of SCO — ProShare’s double bearish crude proxy — at $12.65 this morning. Here, […]

A memorial to Edith Carlson, b. March 19, 1896

The reason that I am formally opening trading on this site on March 19th is not that I have some perverse desire to make things difficult by starting on a quad witching day, but that it is the birthday of my beloved late grandmother, Edith Carlson of Malden, Massachusetts.

She was the one who […]

Plastic shoe fake out in progress?

Revisiting CROX, where last week I was looking at a possible cup and handle forming, well now it does indeed look like that has come to pass. But I have to wonder, while looking at today’s price action, if eager buyers of yesterday’s breakout are really caught in a massive fake out instead! Time […]

Five by Five

Got some links out for you early today, as I’m getting ready to start live trading tomorrow:

* Angular momentum heading up on the SPY (Afraid to Trade)

* Alan Farley thinks YUM! is ready for an upside breakout (HardRightEdge)

* Extended market due for a pullback? (Alchemy of Trading)

* No more of […]