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Make 6% a WEEK trading ETFs from your home!

Sound too good to be true? It should sound like those ubiquitous ads — although I have never figured out how to trade in 10 minutes per day during the evening hours.

But this week it was true for me, as I closed out my starter position on this site this afternoon at $13.40 for a $750 profit. Now only $9275 to go to meet my own audacious goal of trying to double my $10,000 stake in a year!

I’m already starting to second-guess myself about this one, since I sold short of my stated $14 target. lack of patience is often my Achilles heel, and many people advise you should only get out of trades when a target or a stop loss is hit, one way or the other.

Oil fundamentals played no part in my decision to sell; I have little knowledge of them and entered this trade purely on speculation that the double bottom would hold. So why sell now?

Well, if you are going to double your stake, a good start is vitally important. The $1500 in extra buying power in my account should prove useful in the coming weeks, and the $750 profit cushion will hopefully provide the psychological confidence that will be so important to pulling this off. Also, technically, the 2 day RSI was over 90 at the time I sold, so I was reluctant to push this one any further.

One down, many to go. There is no way I can really promise 6% a week, or 6% a month, or whatever the other ads claim. All I can do is keep my eyes peeled for the next opportunity!

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