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Cruisin’ without a care in the world (RCL, CCL)

Like tulips and crocuses being harbingers of the coming spring, might it be possible that cruise ship stocks signal the sign that all is finally well in the equities markets?

Royal Carribean got a nice pop yesterday on competitor Carnaval’s news that bookings — especially for the expensive cruises — are turning up.

There must be nothing but blue skys over those Carribean seas from the look of the chart, showing RCL doubling since last summer. As for Carnaval itself,

its pretty much more of the same. Just makes me think of the massive disconnect with Main Street America, where financial suffering is by no means on the wane. be that as it may, I will watch these two to see if they can provide useful future tells on the state of the “rally” or is it a bull market by now?

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