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Stairway to heaven

With Fed Day behind us and St. Patrick’s Day upon us, the market just keeps melting up as this blog is almost ready to go to live trading on March 19th.

The folks at Bespoke Investment Group have unearthed the nugget that the S & P 500 tracking fund SPY hit an alltime record for consecutive up days yesterday with 13 (the actual average had a couple of miniscule downers during that run). But borrowing their chart and drawing this trend line could lead you to the conclusion that the run may be almost over:

Also note on the top chart RSI(2) being pegged over 90 for the entire month of March so far. Can’t remember that ever happening before. Consequently, it’s looking more and more like I will open trading as a bear!

Ed. note — As of March 17th, make that record fourteen days in a row! – CCD

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