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Steaming hot eye-opener for the bulls - GMCR

Vermont is justifiably proud of its bazillions of trees and stunning foliage displays, but I’ve never seen a single one of them produce a coffee bean. Nevertheless, traders with a bullish bent for the next week or so might consider buying up some Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, which bounced a bit off its 20 […]

Week 13: March goes out like a lamb?

Only four trading days this week, as the markets close on Good Friday, and many international markets may not reopen until Tuesday April 6th, due to Easter Monday. The key levels I am watching this week will be 1180 on the S & P 500, which represents last Thursday’s intraday recovery high, and especially […]

Five for the Weekend — March 26, 2010

Five links for weekend reading: As for my plans, I plan to reward myself with a Sunday getaway to Waterville Valley for some late season skiing!

* Starting out as a day trader: (Trademark Academy)

* Buckets of blood in the streets . . .time to buy Thai stocks? (Research Reloaded)

* Dollar assets back […]

Make 6% a WEEK trading ETFs from your home!

Sound too good to be true? It should sound like those ubiquitous ads — although I have never figured out how to trade in 10 minutes per day during the evening hours.

But this week it was true for me, as I closed out my starter position on this site this afternoon at $13.40 […]

Trade Alert! Sold position in SCO

I just closed my first trading position on this site with a small profit. Sold 1000 shares of SCO (double-short crude oil) for $13.40. Details and recap will follow shortly as time allows.

Update on the uptrend ($SPX)

Looks like 1150 on the S & P, which is also former resistance, is the new target for those looking for an end to the February 5th rally.

Gaps to fill on the way down — ($SPX)

The unrelenting grind of the market upwards, to my view, has left only two important gaps (around 1125 and 1080) on the S & P 500 to fill on the next trip down, and they are getting more and more remote by the day. Bears shooting for either target have been brutalized all month, […]

Bulls in the (super) market

I’m not playing this one, but if you have a bullish slant for Thursday, here’s your chance at Super Valu stores (SVU), testing the 20 day SMA as we speak. Tight stop underneath the 20 and under Monday’s intraday low, say at $16.15. That would make the goal a run at the recent highs […]

Five by Five — March 24, 2010

Five market links for today:

* Starbucks to pay a dividend! (Daily Option Report)

* Today’s trading is described as a bullish sell-off: (Charts and Coffee)

* Corporations have enough cash: (Bonddad)

* Is debt settlement better than bankruptcy? (Bankruptcy Topics)

* The US Dollar is surging on news out of Portugal: (In the Money)


Where were you on October 1, 2008?

Remember what you were doing (or how you were feeling) on Wednesday, October 1, 2008? That’s the last day the S&P 500 was around the 1170 level, and at that time it was on an express train straight down. The presidential election was a little more than a month in the future. The baseball […]